Curated by Nyanchama Okemwa

“Weaving the multiple and diverse threads of our community.” 

~ Nyanchama Okemwa.

Over the centuries, African textiles have served as carriers of stories, traditions and aesthetics, imbued with symbolism and meaning. 

Pagne Africain is a textile collection and series of exhibitions of Nyanchama Okemwa, revealing the stories behind the amazing textile traditions from across the continent. The exhibition aims at presenting the divergent, heterogenous, differentiated and multifaceted facets of African textile culture and praxis. The essence of this exhibition project does not lie in the contradiction between low art and high art, but in the wealth of knowledge, history, spirituality and meaning embedded in the fabrics notwithstanding the stereotypical allusion to colour.

About the artist:

Nyanchama Okemwa is a pedagogist/anthropologist/philosopher/artist who is the founder and curator of the Pagne Africain textile exhibition. She is also a decolonial expert with over 30 years of experience in anti-racism activism and human rights advocacy.