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 This workshop which is facilitated by “All HUMAN” celebrates the connectedness of people and communities through the power of stories and experiences.  The Radiant Night #11 edition shall organise a KIKAO dialogue table in collaboration with the WEAVE community around the story behind our textuality and identity expression.


During this workshop there will be an informal dinner hosted by Little Ethiopia as well as live music by Mamadou Traoré and Desire in a cosy and safe environment. Participants are invited to deeply reflect upon the significance of textiles on our identity formation. 

Together, we shall explore the importance of textiles to our cultural heritage through structured groupings and an intimate one-on-one dialogue. The goal is to encourage a fruitful exchange of innovative insight about their mutual lived experiences and existential realities in a world where the power of diversity is the catalyst for positive change. 

A heartfelt welcome to the All HUMAN KIKAO dialogue table where all voices matter.


About the Facilitator:

All HUMAN is an international agency for inclusive practices, founded by Eveline Kamina Ntenda Musangu and Leonie Hallers. Together, they combine years of experience, expertise and passion to promote inclusive societies around the world.

Eveline is a lecturer in sociology, diversity and inclusion within the Social Work programme at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool Antwerp. Her work focuses on an intersectional approach to social inequality and the access of multi-marginalised people to spaces and services. Leonie has over 30 years of international and cross-cultural experience in leading, managing and facilitating inclusive and empowering journeys for people, communities and organisations.

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