02/02/2024 - 04/02/2024

Radiant Nights is a space for creation and experimentation four times a year. For two days on 2 & 3 February, artists take over a part of the building. In co-curation with the new collective WEAVE WARP WEFT, we aim to host a spectacular artistic weekend. Collectively curated, the expo has several chapters scattered through the corridors of DE SINGEL that dialogue with each other.


WEAVE collective is anchored upon the textile exhibition ‘Pagne Africain’ which is the starting point and the common thread throughout the festival. The focus of the project is on the interconnectedness of people and communities in our society.

WEAVE collective highlights upon these communities’ shared experience of togetherness, humanity, intersectionality, decoloniality, connectivity, social impact, sustainability, social value, mobilisation, collective participation and dialogue.

Surprising and exciting event where you can mingle with social media influencers to natural textile dyers, from fashion designers to embroiderers, from artists to librarians, from authors and journalists to curators working in the fashion and textile sector who shape the vibrant artistic scene.


Weaving the multiple and diverse threads of our community.

Nyanchama Okemwa

DE SINGEL has dedicated two days to the WEAVE collective to explore where fashion, textiles, art, traditions and cultural heritage can intersect with activism and community building. WEAVE promises to be a rich tapestry of cultures interwoven with one another like the unique collection of African textiles curated by Nyanchama Okemwa’s Pagne Africain exposition. 

What do we have lined up for you?

Under the motto “weaving together=living together”, the corridors of DE SINGEL will be given an exciting textual experience in spinning a collective WEAVE moodboard of actions and reactions to the Pagne Africain textiles.

Get inspired by books, magazines, videos and films. Think and participate in workshops in the community hub and enjoy a powerful Vibrant! fashion show and enjoy a film festival in the Red Room.

Come and actively participate in a conversation with Baloji, Harris Elliott, Janice Deul, Nyanchama Okemwa  and finally share in the ‘kikao table’ where you will share a meal and engage in dialogue about textiles and identity. 

Performance enthusiasts can get carried away by the latest concert performance by Calya J. and dance performance by Lara Dâmaso. Two not-to-be-missed pieces that seamlessly intertwine visual art with sound and dance. Then also take a look at the Ballard Garden (Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s pool in front DE SINGEL) for a bespoke video work by Max Kamina.

African Fabric Exhibition

Throughout the centuries, African textiles have served as carriers of stories, traditions, and aesthetics, infused with symbolism and meaning. Pagne Africain is a textile collection and exhibition curated by Nyanchama Okemwa, revealing the stories and meanings behind the astonishing textile traditions from across the continent. On Saturday, you can join a guided tour by Nyanchama Okemwa at 10 a.m. in small groups.

Reserve your ticket for this behind-the-scenes glimpse.

The Act Of Folding And Draping

The Act Of Folding And Draping

Alex Oyakhilomen Akuete presents a personal film about a textile tradition from his homeland. The film focuses on movements and actions for folding and draping textiles that he learned from his grandmother and how this influenced him as a dancer and performer. During the exhibition, this film engages in a dialogue with the textile objects of Pagne Africain.
Alex Oyakhilomen Akuete is a 27-year-old self-taught multidisciplinary artist, designer, and a passionate dancer and performer. In 2018, he founded Xray Community, a collective where young people can share creativity and inspire each other.

Moving The Needle

‘Moving the needle’ is a curated selection of iconic fashion magazines and books on African textiles and fashion.
Sharifa Jamaldin, through an exhibition, provides us with a glimpse into exciting contemporary and hidden gems from our libraries and archives.
She has also constructed a wall of magazine covers that moved the needle and made history.
Who moved the needle for you?

Sharifa Jamaldin is the initiator of Textbook.EARTH, a creative media studio with a mission to inspire changemakers and provide creative tools to use language and imagery with more imagination, playfulness, and, above all, optimism in describing a better world.

Refashioning Activism

‘Refashioning Activism’ is a video installation across 5 different TV screens throughout the corridors of the Singel. Sharifa Jamaldin pays tribute to African craftsmen, iconic figures like André Leon Talley, and a diverse array of emerging African designers who are making influential contributions to the world of fashion.

Please Do Touch

Nyanchama Okemwa and Lies Van Assche invite photographer Monday Jr. to work with a selection of textiles from Nyanchama’s collection and the community collection.
The resulting photos are part of the installation, ‘please do touch’.
Several fabrics hang from the ceiling of the long corridor, and the audience is encouraged to touch, feel, smell, and drape them over themselves.
Please do touch is an invitation in the form of an installation.
Monday Jr.

Weave / Collective Wisdom Circle Conversation

Radiant Nights #11 opens with a Collective Wisdom Circle Conversation centered around the theme “cultural appreciation.” In this participatory dialogue, four inspiring international guests, Baloji, Harris Elliott, Janice Deul, and Nyanchama Okemwa, share their insights. Together, they explore the interweaving of history with the future, untangling knots and forging ahead. Cultural appreciation is illuminated as the celebration of traditions, collective enjoyment of culture, shared recognition of beauty, sharing, passing on, and reinterpretation. They also critically examine ‘cultural appropriation’ and investigate how these terms manifest in fashion, with specific attention to different generations. The conversation is guided by the unique experiences and cultural backgrounds of the guests. This concept was developed by artist Lies Van Assche of DOEK vzw.

Fashion Revolution Belgium / Film Festival

Fashion Revolution Belgium / Film Festival

Sharifa Jamaldin of Fashion Revolution Belgium has curated a series of films focusing on cultural appreciation, iconic figures, exploration, activism, and systemic change. Discover them on the stage of the Rode zaal (Red Hall).
Fashion Revolution Belgium invites Fashion Revolution Africa, including Ghana, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, to showcase exciting African fashion and textile initiatives, compelling concepts around systemic change, climate justice, ethical practices, and creative activism.

The Missing Thread

The Missing Thread, a documentary exploring the untold Stories of Black British Fashion (2023)

“The Missing Thread” is a documentary from 2023, created in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name. The film celebrates and reflects on the influential role of African British designers in shaping British style. For decades, they have influenced British fashion, from icons like Joe Casely-Hayford and Ozwald Boateng to contemporary names like Grace Wales Bonner and Martine Rose. Despite broader recognition, many artistic talents remain overlooked. The documentary explores, through interviews with artists and designers, the activism and creativity of black fashion designers who have had a lasting impact on the British cultural landscape. Curators are the Black Orientated Legacy Development Agency (BOLD): Jason Jules, Andrew Ibi, and Harris Elliot.

Weave / Community Hub

WEAVE invites you to participate in various activities at the community hub during the festival. The community hub encourages active participation and creativity through workshops and DIY actions. Some of the activities include:

Collective Moodboard:
Bring visual material to the Singel to contribute to a collective moodboard. Recognize fashion designers, makers, artists, and share stories of personal textile objects.

Workshop Kuba Textiles by Lucie Baseke Kaisala:
Introduction to Kuba textiles from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Use of raffia, the leaf of a palm, to create richly embroidered Kuba textiles.

Workshop Faso Danfani by Ara Couture:
Deep dive into the textile of Burkina Faso called Faso Danfani.

Workshop ‘How to make a zine’ –
Learn how to quickly create a homemade magazine, a zine. Zines as a platform for unheard voices and alternative perspectives.

Workshop ‘The Interview’ – Be a journalist by StampMedia:
Create media live from the WEAVE festival. Learn about interview techniques, podcasting, video reporting, articles, and photo reports.

WEAVE encourages active participation in these diverse and inspiring workshops.

Weave / Vibrant! A Sustainable African Fashion Show

“Vibrant!” is a sustainable fashion show curated by Pendo Maro of Creative and Performing Artists. The show presents a selection of African fashion from designers inspired by African culture, textile designs, fashion, heritage, and art. These designers strive for cultural appreciation and focus on social relevance, including gender diversity, empowerment, anti-racism, and decolonization of fashion. The garments contribute to the discourse on fair fashion, emphasizing circularity, zero-waste design, eco-design, regenerative design, mending, upcycling, organic fabrics, natural dyes, and locally produced materials. Pendo Maro, founder of Creative and Performing Artists asbl, promotes and empowers multicultural talent, with special attention to those who often remain invisible and unappreciated.



19:00 Max Kamina | Ballard Garden
19:00 Alex Akuete – “Nostalgic Fabric”
19:00 Monday Jr. – Photograph “Please do touch”
19:00 PAGNE AFRICAIN expo | Expoplein
19:00 TEXTBOOK;EARTH: MAGAZINES AND LIBRARIES installation | Expoplein
20:00 Fishbowl Wisdom Talk with special guests: BALOJI – Filmmaker/Musician, Nyanchama Okemwa – Human Rights Activist), Harriet Elliot UK – Creative Director Bold Agency, Janice Deul – Human Rights Activist, Blue – Storyteller – AllClth | Rode zaal
21:00 Calya J. | Music Studio
22:00 Pati Pipol afterparty | Music Studio
19:00-22:00 StampMedia – Community Hub – Expoplein

3 FEB 2023

11:00 WEAVE , WARP, WEFT expo | Expoplein
10:00 – 13:00 guided tour Nyanchama Okemwa | Pagne Africain Textiel | Expoplein
14:00 – 17:00 WEAVE filmfestival – The Missing Thread, DANUSA – Tweedehands Mode Markt – South Africa, Pagne Africain
14:00 – 17:00 WEAVE Community Hub | Expoplein Kuba Textiel, Faso Danfani Textiel, Make a ZINE, Stamp Media
18:00 – allHUMAN Kikao Table – textiles in shaping identity
19:00 – Video Max Kamina | Ballard Garden
19:00 Alex Akuete – “Nostalgic Fabric”
19:00 Monday Jr. – Photography “Please do touch”
20:00 – Dance Lara Dâmaso | Theaterstudio
21:00 – WEAVE Fashion Show | Expoplein – Kate Mack, Erratum, TAMU FASHION, Ara Couture, Lamine Sow