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Vibrant ! is a fashion show featuring a selection of African-inpired sustainable fashion, curated by Pendo Maro of Creative and Performing Artists.

Pendo invites designers who feel inspired by African culture, textile design, fashion, heritage, art in any possible form, and who want to highlight cultural appreciation through their work.

Designers who want to be socially relevant through e.g. gender diversity, human empowerment, anti-racism, decolonisation of fashion….

To a greater or lesser extent, their designs also contribute to the debate in society around fair fashion: circularity, zero-waste design, eco-design, regenerative design, repair work, upcycling, organic fabrics, natural dyes, locally produced materials.

About the artist:

Pendo Maro is the founder of the non-profit organisation Creative and Performing Artists asbl, an organisation that promotes, showcases and empowers multicultural talents, especially those who are invisible and unappreciated .For over 20 years she has been working with and promoting African-inspired fashion, designers, culture, and also as a fashion model.

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