Weave is a collective that brings attention to the incredible diversity of African textiles, fashion, design, culture, art and craft by organizing exhibitions, events, artistic projects, art residencies, participative talks, workshops and educational initiatives. Through Weave actions, the accomplishments of artists, designers, and craftspeople of African Descent across time and space is showcased. By forming communities, connecting individuals and organizations, the aim is to break stereotypes through transformative cultural, social, ethical, and ecological practices. Weave aims to form an intergenerational and multicultural community where people meet and exchange ideas and celebrate African cultural heritage and contribution. Join the community and let’s WEAVE.




The art of designing, weaving, printing and embroidering African textiles goes back to ancient times and continues today and has an underlying social, cultural, and historical significance. Yet in the diaspora, the next generation is often unaware of the wealth and richness of their cultural heritage, and in public discourse, stereotypes are prevalent. 

Weave envisions a future where everyone appreciates their own culture and other cultures.


To empower underrepresented communities, the collective takes on creative and radical steps necessary to highlight challenges and inequities faced by People of African descent.

Through collaborative actions, Weave operates at the intersection of research, community, and education, serving as a powerful advocate for change and transformation. 

Weave highlights both traditional and contemporary African fashion, textile design and textile craft, which often do not get media attention, publicity or recognition in society. We examine all aspects of the textile supply chain from farm to closet, from ateliers to shops, from media to cultural centres, and from a global perspective to a local one.


We want to build a sustainable intergenerational multi-voiced community around ‘Africa and Textiles’ and to support underrepresented communities, designers, artists, and craftspeople of African descent to take their place on the world stage.


As a community…

We connect communities and synergies to build a better world. 

As an incubator…

We curate events and activities to highlight innovative design practices and craft

As an educator…

We have a knowledge base that you tap into and upskill.

As a resource…

On the website, find interesting projects and initiatives to work with. List of creatives and individuals working on our shared mission